Bondi Phoenix Coaching

The future of our club rests on the shoulders of our Coaches! These are the people who dedicate themselves to the development of our players. Possibly one of the most rewarding ways of spending a few hours of their week, our coaches love what they do - and our club fosters a culture of continuing development.

Meet our coaching team. If you would like to see your name among those listed below - contact our Club Secretary via email at to find out what is involved and the support we offer to those keen to contribute in this way!

Lizzie King - Senior Coach

She is working on it!!!

Fiona Lamont - Senior Coach

She is working on it!!!

Beckie Leach - Senior Coach

Beckie has been involved in sport from a young age. She has represented her County (West Yorkshire, England) in Netball, Field Hockey, and Track and Field during her teenage years; and Rugby Union 2005 -2010. In 2012 she was the Captain of the Great Britain Rugby League Squad.

In the UK, Beckie was a B}PE teacher for 11 years in a secondary school in Leeds, West Yorkshire. During this time, she volunteered as Secretary of the Leeds Schools Netball Association and on the selection committee for the junior squads. Within her club, Farsley Celtic, she coached both the 1st and 2nd senior team as well as played for many years and worked alongside England Netball to set up a junior squad.

Foundation Coach - 2016 ( Netball Australia Coaching Accreditation Framework)
Level 2 Netball Certificate - 2016 (UKCC)
Youth Umpire Tutor Award - 2014 (All England Netball)
C Umpire Award - 2012 (All England Netball)
Level 1 Netball Certificate - 2001 (All England Netball)

She has also attended many coaching courses and workshops including First Aid in Sport, Child Protection and Defence work for Netball.

When she is not involved with Bondi Phoenix and Bondi Netball, she runs her own business, Pawsome Dog Walking and Pet Services. She can be found enjoying the weather in various parks in the Eastern Suburbs with her fury friends.

Erin Banning - Senior Coach

She is working on it!!!

Jacquee Saunders - Senior Coach

As well as being the co-founder of Bondi Phoenix Netball Club, Jacquee is an experienced player, coach and umpire with national qualifications. Her netball days and love for the sport started all the way back in the late 70’s. These days in the Eastern Suburbs she coaches juniors, passing on some cool stuff she knows about netball to all those eager to learn. 

Jacquee's passion is encouraging girls to develop their skills, have fun, fostering teamwork and make friends.  She loves watching them grow in character, confidence with a sense of achievement, and sharing in the love of netball...

Jacquee brings strong experience and continuous development to Bondi Phoenix Teams and Junior Coaches

Ivy Fawcett - Coach

She is working on it!!!

Alyssa Simmons - Coach

She is working on it!!!

India Sacks - Senior Coach
She is working on it!!!

Georgia Traynor - Coach

She is working on it!!!

Chaia MacBride - Junior Coach

She is working on it!!!

Mia Wright - Junior Coach

She is working on it!!!

Jamali MacBride - Junior Coach

She is working on it!!!

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Briget, Coach of the Bondi Beaach Pearls

"Playing the summer comp was a great idea, especially for us as beginners, our learning curve was definitely a lot quicker as a result of the comp and the girls got a great deal of enjoyment out of playing in a match situation."

Bridget, coach Bondi Beach Pearls.

Alison - Manager of Coogee Dolpins Under 12's

Our Dolphins team had a great summer season in the Summer Netball competition.

While they had been playing together for a few years, it seemed that they were in a cycle of just getting the team together by the end of the winter comp, then it would finish and they would start it all again at the start of the next season. They would be rusty and it took them till the end of that season to get their act together again.

We joined the Summer Netball comp, because even though they lost most games, our girls loved playing together and they jumped at the chance to see each other all summer.

It was great, the competition is friendly, the venue is delightful. The team played all summer and they just got better and better, becoming a real team, so at the start of winter comp, they were on fire!

They are enjoying the game so much more and we will be back in the Summer Netball Comp again. The Summer season is so valuable to team improvement, but it's also great fun, so a win for everyone.