Teens Tuesdays Team & Player Registration

Bondi Netball

This Division is for Teenage players for a 12 round Social competition.

Each team must register a minimum of 8 and can have a maximum of 10 players to join.

Games are played Tuesday afternoons, time slots to be confirmed.

Games will be made up of 4 x Quarters of 9 mins.

Teams must provide their own Competent Umpire, Manager, Game Ball and Set of Bibs. If your Team requires netball dresses or bibs please let us know.

The 2 teams with the most ladder points and then goals, will be Premiers and Runners Up

2020 Tuesdays
Game 1 - October 20
Game 2 - October 27
Game 3 - November 3
Game 4 - November 10
Game 5 - November 17
Game 6 - November 24
Game 7 - December 1
Game 8 - December 8

Happy Holidays!!!

2021 Tuesdays
Game 9 - February 2
Game 10 - February 9
Game 11 - February 16
Game 12 - February 23

Early Bird Teams Fees: $1195 ends 30 Aug
That's 10 players in your team paying $9 a game each

Team Fees after early Bird ends $1300

Important Safety Consideration:

Bondi Netball officiates games to the IFNA (International Federation of Netball Associations) rules. This includes the requirements to remove all jewellery and short smooth fingernails. It is a requirement that you do so to take the court, for your own and the safety of others.

Netball Hotline. 0424 665 619


  • 1,300 Team Registration
  • 20 Admin and Processing Fee
Note: The registration period for this Season has closed.


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Alison - Manager of Coogee Dolpins Under 12's

Our Dolphins team had a great summer season in the Summer Netball competition.

While they had been playing together for a few years, it seemed that they were in a cycle of just getting the team together by the end of the winter comp, then it would finish and they would start it all again at the start of the next season. They would be rusty and it took them till the end of that season to get their act together again.

We joined the Summer Netball comp, because even though they lost most games, our girls loved playing together and they jumped at the chance to see each other all summer.

It was great, the competition is friendly, the venue is delightful. The team played all summer and they just got better and better, becoming a real team, so at the start of winter comp, they were on fire!

They are enjoying the game so much more and we will be back in the Summer Netball Comp again. The Summer season is so valuable to team improvement, but it's also great fun, so a win for everyone.

Briget, Coach of the Bondi Beaach Pearls

"Playing the summer comp was a great idea, especially for us as beginners, our learning curve was definitely a lot quicker as a result of the comp and the girls got a great deal of enjoyment out of playing in a match situation."

Bridget, coach Bondi Beach Pearls.